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Mae Claire is an actress, model, and singer.


Mae Claire is a Filipino-American actress, model, and singer based in Philadelphia, PA. While currently studying at Playhouse West acting conservatory with Tony Savant, she has been credited in several local film/TV productions including ABM DigiFilm’s “Catwoman: Retribution”. Additionally, she has done voice over work for audiobooks, animations, and indie video games such as Team Galanx's "Konstandin" and Illumination Cinema's "Another Day Colder". 

Since 2013, Mae Claire has been internationally published  as a model in several magazines such as KIRAMEKI and ELEGANT. Currently, she is represented by CESD Talent Agency in the Model/Print Division. She has also done work for local beauty and fashion brands YASUO Skincare, GKK Crew, and LoveTokki.

 Mae Claire is an avid fan of geek pop culture and its community. Heavily influenced by anime, comics, and video games, she has been invited as a cosplay guest to perform, host, and judge at several venues all over the East Coast including InochiCon, AnimeNext, CPAC, KotoriCon, and J1-CON on a voluntary basis. Under the alias of KISA, she has been listed as a featured singer in DJ Kurono’s album “KUNOICHI STYLE” released on May 2013.


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